• Sandee Bonita

Brunch Fun

Updated: Jul 14

It‘s hard to get me out of my house these days. Although if you mention, brunch, chances are I make an exception and show up.

This holiday weekend, my friends and I got a chance to safely enjoy a delicious meal at Esther’s Kitchen, a local restaurant known for its handmade pasta.

As we walked in, I felt at ease knowing that they were enforcing the state mandate of face masks. I had mine on as we waited to get seated. Each table was away from the next, ensuring that social distancing was also respected among all parties.

Here’s the good stuff; The food! We ordered mimosas, made with fresh squeezed orange juice, biscuits with a parsley mascarpone cream, a delicious egg white frittata, and their popular brunch pizza, made with breakfast potatoes and sausages. Delish!!!

If the description doesn’t sell you, check out the foodie pics below!

© sandee bonita