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Chasing Waterfalls Through A Secret Trail In Utah

They say you get the views after pushing yourself to new limits.

My beautiful travel squad and I ventured off to a new destination. We decided to conquer a new expedition, and although I was a bit hesitant of the adventure, I‘m so glad I powered through it.

Tyra is the best planner when it comes to these types of hidden escapes. Melissa is our foodie guide and mastermind behind my amazing pictures. I love them both, and I couldn’t do these types of trips without them.

We started the ”Chasing Waterfalls” mission and I wasn’t too sure I‘d be able to fulfill it. We drove approximately 6 hours away from Las Vegas to our rental home in Teasdale, Utah. Once there, the girls and I enjoyed making s’mores and relaxing before our BIG goal of a hike. I’m not a morning person, but you can easily convince me to wake up early by offering me a unique experience, lol!

I’m not the most ”outdoorsy” type and I don’t do crazy hikes, so the lone thought of hiking 8 miles seemed very intimidating. My friends are extremely understanding and patient with me and would not judge me if at any point I wouldn’t complete the hike. I was dressed for the occasion, fanny pack full of snacks, a Bad Bunny playlist, and I was ready to make it to the end point.

Two hours later, I heard the serene sound of what we were looking for... a stunning waterfall! The trail to this stunning natural beauty was empty most of the time, and nowadays, that’s a rarity. We marveled at the surroundings, and that’s when my travel squad decided to maintain the location of this beauty undisclosed. Although I love the popularity of social media, I’m also aware of the destruction to nature certain exposure causes. If you’d like to know where this is, send me message, and I’ll ask my squad for permission to tell you 😜

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