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Here's How I Became A Radio DJ

First and foremost never take for granted the guidance that takes the time to help you learn a craft.

My family moved to Las Vegas on the last semester of my senior year. I was devastated to leave my high school friends and life. As a first generation Salvadoran-American there wasn't anything I can say to change my dad's mind. He didn't understand how big of an impact this would have on my life.

I have always loved music so I always went to music concerts and that's when I was asked to "guest host" a radio show for a day while in high school. I went without my dad knowing and I loved it! The sad part was that I only was going to do it once since I was moving away.

Once I got to Las Vegas, I had no friends and I heard a local radio station was hosting a casting call and hiring new people. I begged my dad to let me go and off I went to test my luck. The job paid $6.00 an hour and you were to go on the streets promoting the radio station by putting bumper stickers on cars. Once I agreed to do it, my dad took my allowance away and I barely had enough for gas, but here I was chasing the dream.

I worked there for 4 years and endure a lot of envy and jealousy. Just like there was ugly people there's good people willing to help, and I found an incredible mentor. She helped me put my demo and trained me on being on air. My first show was from 3am-6am and you couldn't tell me nothing lol!

Followed by a successful time hosting an specialty show, I took another leap of faith and left that radio station. I quit, I was tired of being mistreated and believed too much in myself to stop there. I sent my demo to the biggest radio station in Vegas. I had tried for years to get a meeting there and finally it came to fruition.

I loved working there but as the Aries that I am, growing never stops. I applied to a radio station in Washington D.C. and.....I got the job! I packed my belongings and here came my dad to help me start this new chapter. After 2 years away I was ready for Las Vegas again.

My former boss gave me the opportunity at his radio station Jammin' 105.7 and off to work I went. Unfortunately, I got sick and that was short lived. I know once I'm healthy I'll be excited to talk to you once again.

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