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Sandee Bonita Is The Latest “Woman To Watch” On All Access!

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Grateful is the best way to describe how I feel regarding this special feature.

Charese Fruge, a talented woman who’s had magnificent journey in this business is the one who spearheads this “Woman To Watch” column. It’s published on which is one of the radio world’s most used and viewed resource site.

Each week, a woman is selected to share her story of triumph and struggle in radio with the hopes of intriguing inspiration to those who read it. This week, it’s my turn 😍

When I was approached to do the interview, I was nervous because I knew I had to be completely open to answering any question regarding my radio journey. The interview took me back on a wonderful journey of nostalgia, and gave me the reminder I needed: “I’m so proud of who I’ve become” 💖


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