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Let Your Life Set Sail

It‘s funny how life works. Sometimes the people you least expect anything from, are the ones that surprise you with amazing experiences.

Have you heard the saying: “I’m here for a good time, not a long time?”

That was basically the motto I had during my time living in D.C. I knew that I wasn’t there forever, therefore I wanted to make the most out of the city, and I created a “bucket list” of things I wanted to do while I was living there. Some of those included a private tour through Capitol Hill (the way that happened is another unbelievable story), go and twirl inside the White House (couldn't have done that without you MD) and countless other adventures.

Although I did so much, there was one major experience pending: sail the historic Potomac River. I mentioned this through conversation and next thing I knew, I was off to Washington D.C. for a few hours to make this happen. I don’t get impressed easily, maybe it’s because I was raised to be extremely independent, and if I want something, I work to get it.

I was comfortable enough to know that everything for this beautiful Potomac adventure would be taken care of, I just had to let go, and trust in others. As soon as I arrived, I was ready to have an amazing day surrounded by even better people, who treat me like gold. My friend Omy brought the champagne and laughter, while my friend KV kept us safe and protected as he navigated us down America’s River.

I cannot tell you how at peace my heart felt at the moment. I’m so appreciative to have such beautiful and caring people in my life. The biggest gift anyone can give me is the gift of adventure and their company. To me, that’s something that I treasure deep down in my heart.

For those few hours and seeing the city in a different light, I let go and simply let life set sail.

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