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Never Compromise What Makes You Happy

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

One thing I admire is the work of fellow likeminded women who aren't afraid to collaborate. I was able to share a beautiful and insightful conversation with my dear friend Jacent Wamala, a licensed relationship and family therapist, whom I've known for many years. Her current project is "Jacent's Gem's" a podcast that explores the obstacles in the way of embracing our hidden gems.

When I was approached to be a guest, Jacent gave me two options: I can follow a set of scripted questions, or we can just have a raw, transparent, and honest conversation. You can guess which option I took, right? TRANSPARENCY. I speak from the heart, always have, and forever will.

During this conversation we discussed the importance of not compromising what makes you happy. That mantra has helped me tremendously in living the way I do. Mental health is real and checking in with yourself before anyone else is extremely important. We discussed how confidence starts with how you feel internally, and that translates into genuine outer beauty.

Take a listen and enjoy these bright gems, and I hope they help you shine in life.

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