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There's No Bigger Love Than The One Cali Sunshine Has

They say that dogs are sent to give us all their love, their patience, and their loyalty. I couldn’t agree more.

When I moved to Washington D.C., I realized how lonely I really was. I remember doing my best in exploring the city and I came across a quote from a President Harry S. Truman that said: "You want a friend in Washington? Get a dog!"— hilarious but the honest truth!

I came to visit my family 2 months after my move, I had a boyfriend at the time and he had previously adopted a dog from a shelter. I pleaded him to let me take his dog with me back to D.C. so I wouldn’t be alone. He didn’t budge because he had other plans for me.

Turns out, he had been actively searching dog shelters for a potential dog of my own. He found the perfect one at NSPCA, and off he went to adopt her. That dog is my precious Cali Sunshine.

Cali was used for breeding purposes before she was rescued. She was matted, and that resulted in life long skin allergies. She was weak, couldn’t use her smell, and had ear infections. My ex and his mom nursed her back to health before my arrival, and for that there’s always going to be admiration from my end.

Once I landed in Las Vegas, I met Cali. It was literally love at first sight. She flew back to D.C. with me and she kept me company for the entire time I was there. We dealt with the snow, the tears, the joys, and the struggles, all while living both of our best lives.

Now, Cali is 7 years old. She‘s spoiled with love on a daily basis, she doesn’t walk outside without her doggie boots, and has the best life any dog can ever have. She’s the kindest dog, and I feel like everyday she thanks me for giving her a beautiful home. I love her so much and I’m so grateful for her company everyday.

Growing up, I never thought about adopting a dog, I always wanted a “new puppy.“ Cali changed my perspective. Saving a dog from a shelter is the most beautiful thing to do as dog lover.

We’ve gone through a lot together. Cross country moves, airplane flights, scenic adventures, love, heartaches, and I’m sure there’s more to go through in the future. I know that dogs don’t last forever, and that breaks my heart. There’s no unconditional Love than the one Cali Sunshine has.

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