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  • Sandee Bonita

Olympic Peninsula: My First Adventure Since The Corona Virus Pandemic

Just like many of you, I went into quarantine back in March. At first, I didn't expect this to last almost four months, but hey.. here we are.

I've been cooped away at home and my desire for adventure was finally filled by an amazing road trip down the Olympinc Peninsula in Washington state. This road trip was significant because we got a chance to see the unbelievable sites of the Pacific North West, and celebrate my beautiful friend's birthday (HBD Tyra!!).

On this adventure, it was somewhat of an unreal feeling to have a mask covering as we interacted with others. We were in the middle of a national forest so it's not as if we were around others, but still, it's not the norm we are used to.

Check out some of my favorite shots of this beautiful trip!

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