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Sandee Bonita Is One Of The Top 30 Influencers In Las Vegas By LVEM!

Las Vegas Entrepreneurs Magazine has released their list of influencers in the city... and to my surprise, I’m on the list 😍🎉

It's definitely an honor to be considered an influential person in the city I live in, and I don’t take it for granted. I was told that the list was compiled by nominations from the public.

To be quite honest, this comes as a big surprise to me, since I haven’t been as connected with the public like I was before. It served as a internal reminder that my content inspires others. Although my life is more private now and my content isn’t on a daily basis (I believe in quality not quantity) my followers/listeners are always there for me.

I’ve been a staple/voice in Vegas radio since 2007, and sometimes I forget about that. Just when I do that, amazing reminders of my work come back to me, just like this one. Thank you so much for those that nominated me, it’s such an appreciative and humbling moment🥺❤️ I love you, and one day I’ll be able to talk to you on a daily basis again 💗

Click here to purchase your copy of Las Vegas Entrepreneurs Magazine!

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