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Simple Ways To Stay Calm While Moving

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

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Moving can be an adventure to some but a nightmare to others. Did you know that on average, an American will move more than 11 times during their lifetime? The chances that you might have made a big move at some point are high or one might be coming in the next few months. As a result, you also might know that moving can also be extremely challenging not only physically but mentally as well. However, it does not need to be every single time and there are several families that make it out to be as smooth as possible, especially those who have a hard time with anxiety or feeling overwhelmed when it comes to moving. Below are a few steps to ensure that your move will hopefully be as easy as can be.

  • Begin Early - One of the biggest stresses of moving is all the work that goes into. Do not leave everything to the last minute no matter how big or small your move is. To help reduce the stress during a move, start by getting ready at least two months before the big day is here. Begin your prep early to allow you to also not waste any money down the road on unintentional things. For instance, boxes are the biggest thing you’ll want to accumulate to pack up your belongings. Ask friends and family to stop throwing away any boxes and start by bringing them over when they can. The earlier you let them know, the more they can help contribute and assist you.

  • Get Organized- Moving can only be made easy when you have a plan in place. One way to keep everything organized is to put a binder together. First, make sure to have a checklist in your binder. This will allow you to look at the inventory you have of all of your belongings. Print this out or design something that is easier for you to glance and check off at a moment’s notice. You can organize your binder either by color code or space. Put a schedule in your binder as well. Having these small deadlines for yourself to get certain things done can also help you stay on track. Finally, make sure the binder has copies of any documents, receipts, or important paperwork that you need. This is a time saver if you are breaking a lease on an apartment and need certain things signed or dated. It is there all in one central location.

  • Be Cautious When You Pack Or Hire Professionals- Nobody wants any of their precious items to break when they are in the middle of a move. However, there is no way you can ensure that you won’t have to deal with this issue. Put heavy items in smaller boxes so they fit and are properly secure. This also makes it easier for whoever is doing the lifting, to have an easier time. You can also pack more of your lighter items in bigger boxes. Avoid packing things too loosely as well. Try putting any clothes or towels in empty spaces in your boxes to save you room as well as keep your items protected for potential breaks. If you feel that you don’t have time to do any of this, hiring a professional to do this part for you is key. A popular moving company in the Las Vegas area is called Muscle Movers, LLC Las Vegas. They not only specialize in carrying the small items but also the bigger and bulkier items as well. From oversized couches to grand pianos, these movers can assist you in the Las Vegas area. If you are looking for a way to keep your mind sharp and not overwhelmed, hiring a professional company to do the hard work for you is key to keep you calm during such a big time in your life.

  • Label Your Boxes Properly - The process of packing is a lot but even unpacking is the barrier we all want to get through. It can be difficult to find everything you need once you are attempting to get settled in your new place. Labeling your boxes is key to making it easier for you. You can use either printable stickers that are color-coded to your boxes or markers to write where each box goes too. Just make sure that your handwriting is legible to read and even descriptive so you know what is in each box. This will also help the headache of just dumping items in a box and not remembering what goes where.

I hope these tips are able to make the process of moving smoother for you. Be cautious of the time you have, get rid of any junk or items that do not bring you joy to help minimize your packing, or sell items that don’t mean much to you anymore. Once you are settled in your new home, don’t procrastinate unpacking either. Take one room at a time and enjoy your new adventure!

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