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The Climb Up Is Always The Hardest

I have a saying: "If it's easy, I don't want it, because there's beauty in the struggle."

2020 has transformed me into a women of nature. With all the travel restrictions, I’ve had no other option than to fill my wanderer spirit by exploring the places that are surrounding Las Vegas.

It’s refreshing to not have cell phone service and enjoy the magnificent and astonishing views that Mother Nature provides. One of my favorite moments is when I get a first glance of the view of whatever trail I’m set to explore. I love it, and sometimes, it genuinely takes my breath away.

This adventure took me to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park, both in Utah. It was my first time exploring Bryce Canyon, and oh my, did it not disappoint! The views of the canyon were astonishing. We started the trail from the top of the canyon, and ended it at the bottom. Along the way there was drizzles of snow, cute birds, and once at the bottom, it looked like a forest. Getting back to the top was no easy task (at least for me) as some areas were steep. My friend and my cousin had so much patience with me and allowed me to go at my own pace, which I greatly appreciated.

In order to return home, taking the scenic route was not a question. This road took us inside Zion National Park and gave us a view of the fall foliage and the awesome rock formations. The sky was beautiful and that triggered us to park our vehicle and have a quick brunch at a park. I treasure moments like that because you are surrounded by beauty, both in company and in your surroundings.

If there is one thing 2020 continues to give me, it's views.

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