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  • Sandee Bonita

The Grand Canyon? Let’s Check That Off The Bucket List!

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

As I’ve gotten older, I am aware of the beauty and wisdom that comes from seeing new places and soaking up those experiences.

I’ve come to realize that an experience is worth more than any tangible item. It’s so fulfilling to my soul and my appreciation for adventure is overwhelming.

As traveling has come to a halt these days, the next best thing is to safely explore my surroundings. My cousin Bryan came up with the amazing idea of doing a mini road trip to Arizona and explore the magnificent natural site of the Grand Canyon.

The first stop was 4 hours away from Las Vegas to the astonishing “Horse Shoe Bend.” Once you arrived at the site, there’s a 1/2 mile walk up to the overlook. I was able to bring my sweet dog Cali to join the fun.

Once we were done there, we hit the road again to drive another 4 hours down to the south rim of the Grand Canyon. As we entered the park to check into our hotel, we were welcomed with a huge rain storm. Since we couldn’t explore much, a bottle of white wine on the patio was the evening entertainment for us.

The sole goal I had for this adventure was to wake up early and see the sunrise over the Grand Canyon. What took place after was what elevated my “bucket list” idea. My cousin surprised me with a helicopter ride over the entire Grand Canyon! My cousin and I are very close, as his dad is my dad’s older brother. We have baby pictures together, and we’ve always been there for each other through any situation.

We walked into the airport and I was still trying to grasp the beautiful experience I was about to live. The ride was approximately 45 minutes and I was able to see everything of the Grand Canyon. I love my adventures but this is special because I was able to share it with cousin.

If you ever plan to visit the Grand Canyon, helicopter view is the way to go.. it’s so worth it! I am forever grateful to be able to check another wonder of the world off my bucket list.

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