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You Have One Life.. Make It Wonderful

I‘ve always shared a mindset of living in the moment. Maybe it’s the fiery Aries in me that has no chill, or perhaps I can blame it in the way I was brought up. Life is precious and every moment is an opportunity to create a magical memory.

The last few days, my travel squad and I jetted to another adventure to fuel our hearts. We stayed in an eco friendly tree house (with no a/c; and survived 😂) which had its own private beach. Being able to be safe and have the playa to ourselves was already unbelievably amazing!

As we walked down the white sand beach, I thanked the G-Man (aka God) for allowing me to see the crystal clear blue water. I’m not an extremely religious person, but I do have conversations with God all time 😇.

We encountered a beautifully decorated Italian restaurant and ate some of the most delicious handmade pasta we’ve ever had. The girls and I always over do it, lol, but hey.. go big or go home, right?!

After our beach visit, we took off to a picturesque apartment surrounded by the jungle environment. It was perfect to enjoy the views from the rooftop pool and enjoy a little bit of rain from the tropical weather.

Although this year has been extremely tough, I think it has taught me to truly value and prioritize experiences that can be engraved in my heart. As I listened to the ocean waves at night laying down in a private cabana, I looked up and realized how blessed I am. I never take anything for granted, which is why I am so vocal about being grateful for everything that takes place in my life. Moments like these create memories in my soul and allow me feel like I am living my purpose in fulfilling a wonderful life.

Thank you Tulum for a magical Mayan adventure. 🌴💗

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